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8 Minute Dating
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Fast, Fun , Safe way to date!!!
Nationwide-- Worldwide --- Ongoing Events!!
There is always an 8 Minute Dating Event going on someplace in the world---
Find One Near YOU---USA, Canada, China, England,, , Australia

8 Great Dates - 1 Fun Night! 8minuteDating is proud to host events for a wide variety of ages, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations and other special interests such as pet lovers, movie lovers, fitness oriented professionals, etc.!

FAST: Have 8 great dates in one fun night. Why spend a long and expensive blind date with just one person when you can date 8 people in one night of 8minuteDating?

Find an 8minuteDating event near you!

FUN: Amazingly, over 99% of participants tell us they enjoyed the 8minuteDating event and over 96% say they'd attend a future 8minuteDating event. Why? Because 8minuteDating events are a GREAT PARTY! Typically there's a cash bar, complimentary appetizers, and a room full of single people who want to meet you! When you go to an event you'll see that the energy in the room increases as everyone is meeting lots of new people - quite different from the usual bar scene where most people stay clustered with their small group of friends all night! Everyone has a story to tell, and what could be more exciting then learning about another person...and maybe finding someone or several people who you really connect with!
Find an 8minuteDating event near you!

SAFE: At 8minuteDating events, the conversations are comfortable and safe because nobody is allowed to ask for your last name, phone number or for a date. After each date, if both participants indicate that they would like meet again, the 8minuteDating organizers will provide d e-mail addresses to both parties.

Find an 8minuteDating event near you!

The 8minuteDating Guarantee*: If you don't meet someone who you want to see again, your next event is on us!

Here's how it works: After each event, attendees login to our web site and enter the names of the people they'd like to meet again. If you didn't meet anyone who interested you at the event, just click that button on the form, and we'll give you a special code that entitles you to attend another event - on us!

We hope this gives you the confidence to find out for yourself that 8minuteDating is the smartest, fastest, and most enjoyable way to date. So give it a try - you've got nothing to lose...and a lot to gain! * Limited to one free event per paid event Find an 8minuteDating event near you!

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